Prior to Because of the Times Copenhagen, Living Church of Copenhagen will be hosting a powerful youth event in cooperation with the European Youth Department of the United Pentecostal Church. This event is called IMPACT CPH. IMPACT is for all youth ages 18+ (or younger if you are traveling with a youth leader). It will be an immersive, entertaining, unique and powerful Youth On Mission event.

This event will include the best of camp, conference, internship and Bible School rolled into an intensive week that will leave you forever transformed.

Confirmed speakers at this point are: Nathan Harrod (US/Spain), Melani Shock (US), Leroy Francis (UK), Gøran Andreassen (Norway), Mark Shutes (US/Latvia) and Jonathan Ogle (UK). More will be added as the schedule is finalized.

There is something for you whether you are new in church or are already involved with ministry.

Those attending will be able to stay together at a very favourable price at Danhostel Copenhagen City. The following packages are available*:

  • IMPACT + BOTT: 9 days/8 nights : €270 (€30 per day)
  • IMPACT + BOTT + IMPLEMENT: 12 days/11 nights : €300 (€28 per day)
  • IMPACT + BOTT registration – excluding accommodation: €95

*All packages include a travel card that allows you to travel unlimited in Copenhagen on bus, train and Metro.

NEW DEADLINE: Registration is still possible as we can make adjustments to our hostel booking up until May 8th.
Registration and payment must be made before 8 May 2014. For more information on EXTENDED dates and payment options, please visit here.

For all options you need to make your own travel arrangements to Copenhagen. You also need to pay for meals – we estimate €15-20 per day.

To see a more detailed draft schedule of IMPACT CPH events click here.

After the hostel deadline has passed, you will still be able to register for Impact and Implement and make your own accommodation arrangement.

What is it all about?

IMPACT starts on Friday July 11th at 18:00 with a kick-off worship service. People will make their way to Copenhagen during the day. This is followed by 4 intensive days of teaching, practicum – where we go out and get hands on experience with what has been taught – social events where youth from across the region will have a chance to connect, and church services. Some of the services will offer participants a chance to visit daughter works and learn more about daughter work and network church growth strategies. You will be exposed to a variety of dedicated teachers from the region and the US. You will learn, grow, be challenged, get a chance to step outside of your comfort zone, meet old and new friends from the region who share your passion for the Gospel and together get equipped and refreshed with new ideas of how to bring revival to your home town.

July 16-17-18 you will participate in the BOTT conference where the Pentecostals of Alexandria will bring a team.

July 19-22 is IMPLEMENT for those who stay for the full experience. Here we train and practice the very important part of making new contacts through evangelism efforts – follow up! You will learn important tools in how to effectively follow up with visitors and new contacts, teach Bible Studies, minister to new preaching points and get involved wherever your gifting is.

You can also “like” our Because of the Times Copenhagen facebook page to keep up with news as well as sign up for our BOTT newsletter.

 If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us at:

If you’ve been craving to do more for God and have some spare time this summer holiday then IMPACT CPH is for you! Come and make a difference in the lives of people that may last for eternity.

“IMPACT CPH will be the youth event of 2014. It’s a place where young people can come to worship, make a difference and have fun hanging out with other fired up Christians. Rather than coming just to receive from God, this is your opportunity to get teaching on how to reach others for Jesus and to then put it into action immediately – you won’t come away unchanged”! – Pastor Chris, Living Church

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